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Product Review :Kenworth T359


Reliability, Durability, Productivity
Kenworth is arguably one of the most well-known names in trucks, both within the industry and the broader community. It’s a badge which has a well-earned pedigree for durability, reliability and for operators, the all-important, productivity!
With the T359 Kenworth has delivered the ideal solution to suit many trucking applications with a tight turning circle, a short ‘bumper to back of cab’ and a range of axle configurations.
Facts and Features
The Kenworth 359 is available in 4×2, 6×4, 8×4 and 10×4 axle configurations.
The 359 model comes with Eaton FR9210B manual transmission as standard and the 359A with the Allison 3500P as standard with several other options available.
For a bonneted truck, the T359 has exceptional manoeuvrability, especially in locations where access is difficult or negotiating tight spaces is a daily necessity.
Operator safety is paramount with full suite of the optional Kenworth Electronic Brake Safety Systems available including the Electronic Stability Program. A feature of particular importance for applications such as agitators to minimise possibility of roll over if negative circumstances present.
Purpose Built for Productivity
While purpose-built primarily for metro and interstate usage, the T359 has the versatility to adapt as a prime mover, an agitator, car carrier, rigid truck and other applications.
Kenworth use concrete distribution as an example where the T359A has been built to suit those specific industry requirements. Requirements including max payloads, operating through heavy traffic areas and dealing with demands of busy construction sites. The low tare weight, high visibility and overall length, the T359A is ideal for these urban applications.
Many other fleet operators are successfully using the T359 as car carriers, general freight as well as business-specific uses.
Control with Comfort
Kenworth are masters at combining operator comfort with safety. The operator has exceptional all round visibility with great view of the road ahead thanks to the large curved windscreen. They also have an unobstructed view of their gauges.
The smart design of the dash allows easy access to controls which enhancing comfort to minimise fatigue. ‘Smart Wheel’ provides fingertip access to functions including engine brake and cruise to lift driver confidence.
Extensive Dealer Network
The Kenworth dealer and support network is as vast as their reputation, with locations throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as Papua New Guinea.

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